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Taft Construction Update

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The 12,810 s.f.; $9.3 Million project is well under way! We began construction on August 13th and the project schedule predicts a date to finish of the construction in May of 2019. The project is funded from the cash reserves of the District as well as $4.0 million dollar grant from a generous donor from our Westside community.

With time for preparation of the facility for approved occupancy and to begin operations, the Clinic staff should begin to see patients in June or July of next year. We are excited to see our expansion from five (5) examination rooms to nine (9) rooms plus 3 additional rooms for patient treatment. We will continue our Radiology and Telemedicine services in the existing Clinic.

The West Side Family Health Care clinic will remain open during construction. We do not anticipate any short-term closures required by the construction. We appreciate your patience with the temporary provisions for parking and the modified entrances for access to the Clinic.

We will continue to service the community Monday-Friday 8 AM to 9 PM and Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10 AM to 9PM.